Responding to Medical Emergencies

In this Module Students learn hand on skills and take part in caring for victims in Practical scenarios how to give first aid and stabilize patients/victims when they are faced with critical medical incidents. the Basic Life Savings Skills You Need to Assess Patients / Victims Manage Patients Breathing, Control Bleeding and stabilize injuries until help arrives. In this Module Students learn how to give first aid and stabilize patients/victims when they are faced with critical medical incidents.

Responding to medical emergencies is critical and the quicker we respond properly can mean life or death. having the basic knowledge in managing medical emergencies is important to save and stabilize life. time is ticking and help is on the way but we need to do something now or its too late.

In our first introductory course we, help and build everyday civilians moms and dads brothers or sisters to handle medical emergencies at care level that can help them save a life or stabilize a patient.

properly assessing the conditions and having situational awareness everyday civilians will take the lead roll and make calls activating 911 and communicating an conducting an assessment while caring for the victims. managing airway, control bleeding, and stabilizing injuries and if required move or transport victims to a hospital or to safe cover until help arrives.

Class length – 4 hours, Open to all civilians ages 12 and up.

Cost – $85 per person

*Special discount applies to larger groups corporations and organizations.



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Medical Emergencies Operating in a HOT ZONE

The MEOHZ is designed for the trained first responder this module covers in-depth tactical operations working along side law enforcement and focuses on reaching victims under the safety and protection of LE in order to extract triage and render care in the hot zone or evacuate to a safe zone.

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Medical Emergencies under fire

This module gives in depth training to highly trained armed individules and first responders when they are the only one on scene to protect isolate and neuturilize an active shooter.

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